Religious Beliefs Deter Stem Cell Research

Asheville, NC 28803

July 24 2006

Benjamin Franklin was criticized by the religionists when he invented the lightning rod that interfered with God’s desire to strike down sinners with his bolts of lightning. We now have similar religionists who maintain that God doesn’t want scientists interfering with stem cells.

They are not content to allow God to enforce his own rules, they must not only interpret God’s rules, but they must also enforce them. Apparently God is having difficulty enforcing his own commandments.

Fortunately, embryonic stem cell research will proceed whether the President vetoes the bill authorizing Federal funding or not. The research may have to go out of the country to a more secular environment, but scientists working to improve the lot of man will not be deterred by the superstition and myths of a supernatural power.

Even though the Federal Government chooses to fund faith based institutions over scientific research, ultimately truth and reason will prevail.

We can only hope that science does not get too far ahead of human morality and behavior. History has shown what people can and will do to appease their gods.

The embryonic stem cells in question are man-made in the laboratory and were not created by a phantom in the sky. It should be obvious that man must care for man; God is quite capable of caring for his own needs.

President Bush’s first veto in 5 1/2 years was to help his God, not the citizens of his country. By his veto he has successfully prevented the majority from having its say.

Respectfully Submitted,
John A. Henderson MD