Judging God – Sample 3

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Sample text for: Judging God


Humans choose to organize into groups to participate in activities that are enjoyable, entertaining, and relaxing. They are social animals and yearn for acceptance and interaction with others. However, many things that mature consenting folks practice are not always in a child’s best interest. Couples who want to engage in sexual activities have the right to do so, but only after they reach adulthood and develop enough maturity to understand the consequences of such behavior. Likewise, alcohol consumption, smoking, gambling, and speeding are vices that seem to consume many grownups, whether right or wrong, Most know the difference and understand the consequences of over indulgence and undue risk taking. On the other hand, a child or young person may not be mentally ready to understand these differences.

In most states it is illegal to expose children to many adult activities that could harm or impair their development. Engaging in overt sexual behavior in the presence of a child is considered detrimental to the normal development of that child and usually results in governmental intervention. Such overt sexual activities and other abusive behavior toward children are considered child abuse. Parents and other adults who abuse children are reprimanded and in some cases the child is legally removed from the home. In other cases the parents may be charged with criminal conduct.