Judging God – Sample 4

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Sample text for: Judging God

Judging God

Religions and gods have been judging man for thousands of years. It is about time for man to judge god. No god, religion, president, dictator, or scientific theory should ever be above criticism and evaluation. Truth is the only sacred thing. In this book we have been judging the JCM god, a god believed by billions.

For thousands of years people have been terrified by the claim that we are constantly being watched and judged by god. According to this belief god watches our every move (although he seemed to have lost Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden) and keeps a thorough record of our behavior during our short stay on earth. At the end of this brief stay, god and only god decides whether we will go to an eternity in the scorching heat of hell or the glorious paradise of heaven.

We are not afforded a fair trial by jury; we are not offered a defense attorney; we do not even have the right to make a statement on our own behalf The bottom line is that god is the prosecutor, jury, and judge wrapped in one package and he has no respect for the concept of habeas corpus or a fair trial. At least the infamous “Hangin’ Judge” Roy Bean allowed his defendants to make a statement before they were hung.